Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Jane Jacobs

Back from the summer break and ready to connect my posts of different sources FB, Twitter, QUB, etc.

Let's start with a classic, interview to Jane Jacobs by James Howard Kunstler

On education, the city, demolitions, profit and social wellbeing.

I particularly like the passage:

'One of the things that angered me so much in urban renewal was the West End of Boston. You know there was a phantom community to this day. They have a newspaper that comes out periodically, these displaced people and their children. That was before Ed Logue [head of the Boston Redevelopment Agency in the 1960s]ead of H. Well, I talked to two architects in ’58 who helped justify the destruction of the West End. And one of them told me that he had had to go on his hands and knees with a photographer through utility crawl spaces so that they could get pictures of sufficient dark and noisome spaces to justify that this was a slum -- how horrendous it was.'


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