Monday, 30 May 2016

Jane Jacobs 100. Delft, May 2016

Thanks so much Roberto Rocco for hosting a very significant conference on the work of Jane Jacobs and its influence on recent urban theory and practice. I was delighted to lead the track on Streets as Public Spaces. The papers presented in our sessions were:

Jane Jacobs and the Theory of Placemaking in Heritage Context, by Azadeh Arjomand Kermani

Mémoire en route: Jerusalem’s Route No. 1 ­a study in motion, by Maier Yagod

Hussien Al-Mimar Street, The tale of a restricted space, by  Bedour Hemeid, Ph.D.

Shared Space: Traffic engineers finally entering the Post-Modern era, by Dick van Veen M.Sc. Eng, M.Sc. Arch.

Exploration into the role and relevance of public spaces within the modern city fabric, by Ailish Killilea

(Un)Natural Proprietors in San Francisco’s Alleyways, by Antje Steinmuller

Hidden Monuments of Everyday Life. Conquering street life in São Paulo,  Sarah Hartmann

Thanks to the presenters for great evocative, challenging and striking papers and also thanks to guests for the lively discussions. I hope we can continue this discussion further.

all the best